London Doctor Rejects Call for Firearms Ban


Dr. Greg Mosdossy has seen a lot of gun violence in his 30 years as an emergency room physician.

In 1989, he was one of the doctors to respond to the bloody shooting at École Polytechnique in Montreal, where 14 young women were gunned down.

"I was on site pronouncing these wonderful, young, up-and-coming, highly intelligent women who were dead on scene," said Mosdossy, who is now working at the London Health Sciences Centre.

The incident left a mark. At the time, his daughter was two and his son just seven months old. "I slept on the floor of their room for six months after [the shooting]."

But, that isn't stopping Mosdossy from speaking out against a call to toughen Canada's gun laws — a call that's coming from some of his professional colleagues.

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